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Scottish Batch Loaf -

A note about Scottish Batch Loaves and Tins
This century, breadmaking has become a mechanised process in Scotland. Most people are used to loaves
with a rectangular shape caused by the tins in which bread is formed and baked. In fact the distinctive Scottish
loaf is called a "Batch Loaf" At the last moment the dough is formed by square sided tins, then put all together into
the oven so that each side merges with the next, and only after baking are they pulled apart into individual loaves.

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From the Publisher: The ultimate project from the DIY cook and baker: an oven in your own back yard. Pizza cooks faster and is more tender, bread crusts as it's never crusted before. The anticipation prompted by the smoking chimney is indescribable, the results without peer. This little book tells how to build and outdoor brick oven from scratch, with working drawings; and how to restore an existing oven if your house is so lucky to have one. There is guidance in firing and running the oven, and a recipe for good measure. $20.00

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