Brick Oven Stories


Frank's Wood Burning Pizza Oven - Franks construction manual for a wood-burning pizza oven - Building stone oven - Pizza Recipes - Bread baking with sourdough

Anglo Saxon earthen oven - How to build a primitive oven.

The Butera's Oven - A home oven built by plans from Ovencrafters

Our building schedule

Cobb Oven - Photographs of building a mud oven

Holzbrennender Backofen Wood Burning Bake Oven -

Built in the fall of 1999 using the book “The Bread Builders” by Daniel Wing and Alan Scott.

Construction photos of building a Mugnaini Piccolo Oven

Woodburning Pizza Oven Forum

Day Job - The Baker

We're standing in the back room of a sourdough wood-fired bakery (Natural Tucker, Melbourne). The air is yeasty and warm. The baker, Paul Fox, keeps an eye on the loaves in the oven.

Mick's Brick Oven page

Includes lots of pictures of cooking and baking in a brick oven.

Modestus Baking Company

Illustrated day by day oven building.

Hogwallow Farm

How To Build a Wood-Fired Oven & Start a Home Bakery - Being a Tried & True Method of Dealing With the Reality of Getting Together our Daily Bread (and Having Some Extra Loaves to Sell) - Jane Goyette

Heather & Greg's Oven

“We built a brick oven this year at our weekend house in the Hudson Valley.” Here is a link to photographs of their oven.

Baking in Tuscany

Heather and Greg spent spent their honeymoon in Italy, during which they spent five days in Tuscany at Villa Crociolone where they learned to bake in a brick oven. Here are some photographs of their experience.

Little Stream Bakery, Perth, Ohio

This is a nice photo journal of the building of a 32" x 36" Alan Scott oven.

Paul Dunn's Brick Oven Home Page

Michael Perrone's Oven

Violeta's Adobe Oven Page

Oven building diary, oven building how-to, using an adobe oven, adobe oven recipes.

Wood Burning Ovens

Build your own and enjoy! A lot of great information and links on building and using wood burning ovens.




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