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Bakery Net -

Bakery-Net© contains 1,000's of files of information, organized so you can find and use it, the world's largest list of all-bakery, all internet classified ads, our own, exclusive “Monthly Bakery Magazine,” featuring current articles of needed interest for you, and is reserved for professional members of the international bakery foods industry. REGISTRATION (FREE) IS REQUIRED

Bread Bakers Guild of America -

The Bread Bakers Guild of America is for individuals...for individual professional and amateur bakers...for individuals in the baking industry who care about bread and care about quality.

The site will feature all of the information over the last few months as well as a forum and photo gallery. If anyone would like to have their photos included in the gallery or has any material or links that they wish to share, please e-mail site owner and include contact information for the credits.

Masonry Stove Builders -

Millstones -

Nothing on brick ovens, but a fascinating history of the manufacture and use of millstones for grinding grain. Includes links to sites with information on historical mills which can be visted.

National Baking Center -

The National Baking Center's goal is to support a renaissance in traditional baking. The Center's mission is to raise the level of professionalism and quality in American traditional baking through education and service to the industry.

San Francisco Baking Institute

State-of-the-art, professional baking facility is unmatched in the country - attracting some of the finest instructors, and students, in the world.

Every Student, from novice to professional, will enjoy the wide variety of artisan baking classes offered in our beautiful bayside facility. Classes are kept small to allow for individualized attention and plenty of hands-on training.

Sweets From the Hearth - By Lucy Wing

You can enjoy these baked desserts on Valentine's Day or any day of the week -- even if you don't have a brick oven.


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