Brick Oven Bakeries

Baldwin Hill Bakery - Phillipston, MA

The Baldwin Hill Bakery is situated on an old New England farm surrounded by hills in rural central
Massachusetts chosen for its wonderfully pure untreated 500 ft. deep well water.

Our whole grain breads are made with flour that has been custom stone ground and hearth baked. We are
committed to health and none of our breads contain any preservatives, additives, added yeast, cholesterol,
dairy products or refined sugars. We have never compromised our standards of purity and quality, and
remain dedicated to creating exceptional foods that feed both the body and the spirit.

Baldwin Hill has been a pioneer in the organic food industry from its early days and has continued its
ardent support of a sustainable agricultural system. Winner of the 1988 Safe Food Award from Bread and
Circus Natural Food Supermarket and voted "One of the ten best bakeries in America" - Bon Appetit
Magazine, 1990

Bread Alone - Boiceville, New York

Bread Alone bakes the gamut of breads, from elegant French baguettes to hearty, peasant-style four-grain mixtures. All are made from the flour of organically grown grains, and all are baked in an enormous wood-fired brick oven that was built 18 months ago under the supervision of André LeFort, a master oven builder from France

City Bakery - Fort Steele Heritage Town, British Columbia

The present City Bakery (#30) was constructed by Fort Steele Heritage Town to address the culinary needs of visitors and to
interpret an almost lost art (or technology, depending on your bent). The large wood-fired brick oven is capable of baking 250
loafs of bread at a time. It is fired early every morning in order to deliver fresh baking by 9:30, a.m. The aromas that waft from
the large double doors onto Riverside Avenue are its most effective advertising. In the fall it is THE popular gathering spot for
visitors looking for a warm spot to have a tasty morsel and a cup of coffee.

Poilane - Paris, France

The Poilâne oven is the very expression of a know-how that is based on extremely ancient construction methods. It is practically identical to the oven that existed in France at the beginning of the XIXth century. However, Lionel Poilâne had a recording made of its precise dimensions so that the company could identically reproduce it as often as necessary. It is heated with wood.

During the one hour baking time, the aromas from the burning wood are captured in the area surrounding the bread which is impregnated with a subtle aroma of smoke that no baking process or synthetic perfume can reproduce.

The Elms Inn - Ross, Tasmania

The Elms Inn is an 1832 Georgian sandstone coaching inn. Rooms have en-suite bathroom facilities and are furnished
in keeping with the heritage building. A wood-fired bakery is a fascinating feature. Ross is an historic village on the
Midland Highway, the main route between Hobart and Launceston. The Midlands is noted for its superfine Merino wool and its significant convict and military history. The Tasmanian Wool Centre is located in Ross.

New Norcia Natural Bread - Mt Hawthorn, Austrailia

New Norcia Natural Breads started baking bread using traditional techniques in a wood-fired oven in New Norcia in 1993 in association with the Benedictine community.

Hope Bakery, Sovereign Hill - Victoria, Australia

Sovereign Hill faithfully depicts Ballarat's first ten years after the discovery of gold in 1851. It's where Australia's history
comes to life!Hope Bakery- Open 10.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Delicioius hot pies, bread, cakes and pastries are available to take away, all cooked on the premises in a wood fired oven.

Hyde Village - Brisbane, Australia

Your cultural experience begins with a visit to Hyde Village. Situated in a lovely bush setting surrounded by hectares of native bushland this unique location houses early Australian colonial buildings. Listen to the legends of the Bush Poet, see the
Aboriginal Arts and Crafts Gallery, catch the smells wafting out of the wood fired bakery, hear the stories surrounding the workers cottages and the old railway station and much much more. Enjoy morning tea in this charming setting.

Winkler Bakery - Winston-Salem, NC

Christian Winkler owned and operated the Winkler Bakery in Old Salem and set the baking traditions that are continued even today. The wood-fired oven is heated daily (except Sunday) and baked good are sold to the visiting public.





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